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Smart entrance and access control function introduction

Smart entrance and access control is combined machinery, electronics, microcontroller with other write reader technology, increasingly wide used in various places in society, like metro station, bus station, scenic area, exhibition hall, etc. Smart entrance and access control including tripod turnstiles, flap gates, swing gates. JCA technology, is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, research and development.

1. Smart tripod turnstiles: assembled by 3 arms, each 1250px in length, one arm fit in one person that allows to crowd control in single or bi-direction . Tripod turnstile generally use in simple access control like in public area. Also, widely apply attendance system in industrial, consumption system in public institution, access control management in community, check access control in scenic or exhibition hall, palm shape system management in construction sites, etc. It has various application for all the environments, meanwhile solve the problem for entrance control. It comes along with different systems, (ID card, IC card, barcode, biometric identification etc). For security, arm drops become barrier-free gate for emergency evacuation.

2. Smart swing gates: this series has the widest channel among other series. Arm standard length is 1000px, maximum length reach to 1500px, then one channel is 3000px. It apply to single or bi-direction crowd control, traffic flow(electric vehicle, tricycle), normal entry speed, mainly for channel entrance management, only disability people, people with luggage get access to gate. In considering that swing gates have  wide channel properties, many people, bicycle, wheelchair,  and non-motorized transportations can get access.

3. Smart flap gates: assembled by 2 flap gate, minimum channel width is 1500px, apply to single or bi-direction crowd control in high speed. Mainly for access control management; it is the best choice for large crowd access control, has high speed, safe, convenient, and other features. Generally apply in airport, metro station, bus station, port, scenic area, park, and building etc, cooperate with smart cards check system to realize automatic management.

4. Smart sliding gates: sliding gates also called full height flap gate, is a kind of new design flap gate. No specific word for it, just call full height flap gate. It is a special device for access control, also work with swing gate, flap gate, tripod turnstile, half height turnstile etc. Unique design, stable, low noise, high speed, those features for high end usage.

5. Smart turnstile: running as a circle, minimum channel is 1500x, apply for single or bi-direction crowd control, slow speed. Turnstile mainly for prison, military administrative zones and strict access management factory (like, chemical factory, construction sites, etc). The mechanical parts include an emergency control device, after cut off its power, the rotor arm work freely which insure proper operation, gate lock when power on. It has various application for all the environments, meanwhile solve the problem for entrance control. Control machine freely with 20 signals communication for extending function.

6. Smart one arm turnstiles: assembled by one arm, minimum channel is 1500px, apply for single or bi-direction crowd control in high speed.

7. Smart full height turnstiles: full height turnstile compatible with access control cards system, fingerprint identification system, face recognition system, video intercom system, card management system, antistatic channel system etc. multi-channel management.


JCA technology is an experienced manufacturer of entrance and access control device, adopted a whole professional system of production processes and maintenance.